Welcome to Gettysburg 150 Concerts

Music Celebrations International is proud and humbled to serve a small role in the commemorations surrounding the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

It is here we hope to inspire music ensembles to consider participating in these commemorations with us by blending music, history, and travel together in order to experience the tragedy of the Gettysburg Battle – as well as the majesty of the Gettysburg Address.

Join us now on this musical journey, 150 years in the past.

About Music Celebrations

Here at Music Celebrations, we pride ourselves on the musical stimulation our tours and festivals provide. The purpose of Music Celebrations is to provide life-changing experiences that will raise the level of musicianship and dedication to the performing arts around the globe! We enthusiastically endorse Ludwig Van Beethoven's statement that "Music can change the world."
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One Response to Welcome to Gettysburg 150 Concerts

  1. For those band directors and wind band conductors interested, I was commissioned a few years back and have a work entitled “Two Days At Shiloh” dedicated to the Battle of Shiloh. This work is around grade 3 to 4 and premiered at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. by the Sonora High School Concert Band (La Habra CA). The work is unpublished and can be obtained through me at the University of Memphis, jcooper1@memphis.edu.

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